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Wailuku Food Tour

Quick Details


Experience Wailuku’s Best Food

Join us for a playful, edible and educational experience that is based on the seasons (yes, Maui has seasons!). Since our Wailuku food tours are seasonal and based on availability, fresh ingredients, and whatever we might like right now, the tour descriptions on our website may not accurately reflect what you’ll actually be eating, who you will meet, or what you will experience. But you can always count on a full day of eating well and exploring what’s fresh and seasonal around Wailuku!

What You Do and Taste on Your Wailuku Tour:

• Exclusive access
• Insider information
• Intimate groups
• Tastings at 6 stops throughout Wailuku
• Sample contemporary Hawaiian food
• Indulge your senses at breezy seaside stops
• Enjoy tastings at some of the Wailuku’s best farm-to-table restaurants