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Kauai Lifestyles

North Shore: Teaching Food as Medicine

North Shore Kauai: Food As Medicine Tour Hawaiian greens Turmeric in Hawaii is called Olena. Tea tasting and fresh macadamia nuts Getting the inside scoop from Aurora at Sushi Girl Kauai Juice Company + SUshi Girl tasting = heaven! Kauai Farmacy   Traditional Diet Traditional Hawaiian diets are considered to be some of the healthiest in the world. Living on a protein, vitamin and mineral rich diet that consisted mainly of poi (pounded taro root), fresh fish along with fruits and vegetables such as banana, coconut, breadfruit and sweet potato made for a clean and nourishing foundation. Even Hawaiian sea salt that was harvested in large amounts held minerals and rich health benefits. We aim to teach you about a variety of the beautiful canoe crops that the Polynesians brought to the Hawaiian islands over 1,000 years ago and how…

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February 18, 2019

Hale Puna Farm fresh Market

The home & Farm Passionflower The Market Our foodie staff at Tasting Kauai loves to check out new restaurants and stay up to date on new chef innovations & creations  here on island, and while there are few things that excite us more than the search for a heavenly meal, they do exist! I recently had the pleasure of visiting Hale Puna in the town of Waimea. Hale Puna, or the historic Gulick Rowell Mission House, is a burgeoning small scale food forest. This community focused farm is a project we can really get behind. Every Thursday afternoon from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at Hale Puna, 9567 Huakai Road you can stop by and visit their farm market and purchase your produce for a good cause. (If this time doesn’t work for you, you can also reach out to set up pickup…

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November 28, 2018

Hualani’s at Timbers Kauai – A Multi Sensory Experience

The Spot We here at Tasting Kauai are always delighted when a new spot opens up for us to explore and taste test. This is especially true when it is a breathtaking oceanfront dining location with fabulous food. I have been hearing from friends all over the island for weeks, that we must go and…

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November 4, 2018

Tasting Kauai – The Vision

Aloha Tasting Kauai Family! I’m Dr. Addison Bulosan, the new owner of Tasting Kauai. It’s been quite a journey with Tasting Kauai the last 4 years since meeting Marta and Dan. I moved back home to Kauai in 2014 and I’ve been following @TastingKauai since 2013 on Instagram in awe of all the amazing food and collaboration happening. I made it a point to go out of my way to try and meet the person behind it all as I wanted to eat tasty food and learn more about how our food is made here on Kauai. My dear cousin, Wes Perreira is good friends with Marta and setup a lunch with us so we could meet. Since day one I have been in awe of all the things Marta and Dan does for our island, Kauai.  As the Tasting…

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July 17, 2018

Sam Choy's Travel Tips

Sam Choy in his home kitchen with a bowl of poke and grape tomatoes. Photo courtesy of Sam Choy. When I interviewed Sam Choy over the phone for an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, he graciously answered a few questions for Tasting Kauai’s readers. As a regional legend, it’s simpler to link to Sam Choy’s bio, than list his lengthy accomplishments. We discussed food and travel, then Sam shared tips on finding the tastiest bite of culture.  The first time food and travel intersected for Sam, he was representing America and seafood at the World and Food Show in Anuga, Germany then Sial, France. “You get to see and taste food from other cultures, and each country puts their best foot forward,” says Choy. “You get to taste it, smell it, hold it. It’s a good learning experience.” Sam…

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October 27, 2017

Haku Lei, a Hawaiian Crown of Flowers

A handmade haku is a celebration of life. Daniel Lane photo When I think of aloha, I think of Elvrine Chow, owner of Heavenly Hakus. She glows with joy and her smile is always bright. It must be from working around beautiful flowers. Elvrine spends her days picking flowers in full bloom and weaving them…

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September 3, 2015