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Will Drive for Pastry – Midnight Bear Breads Perfects Artisan Baking

Hanapepe Town

Walking down the quiet, dusty main street of Hanapepe town can take you back in time. You could just as easily be sauntering through 1926 as 2018, simply ignore the few modern cars that dot the lane. Visitors and island locals alike often fall in love with the town for the feelings of Old Hawaii that it evokes. The Western Plantation style architecture remains the same as it was 100 years ago, and things move slow. Halfway through the town, you may have the urge to start following your nose. There seem to be cartoon-worthy smells wafting through the screen doors of a small, artisan bakeshop. You have arrived at Midnight Bear.

Pastry Heaven

Midnight Bear Breads

Owners Evan & Ursa have been operating since 2012 and are committed to bringing you the best local product that they can. Everything in the shop is done from scratch, no shortcuts. Midnight Bear brings a touch of modernity to Hanapepe while still maintaining connections with the lush valley surrounding the town. Farms in the valley grow anything from taro and sweet potato to apple bananas and cacao. We were lucky enough to visit Evan in preparation for the Coffee & Chocolate Festival that happens every Fall, and he shared with us the cacao he was utilizing. The cacao came from his local farmer, and he was doing all of the work to break it down, ferment it, roast and stone grind it there in the shop. Getting to try fresh harvested, roasted cacao nibs is an experience everyone should strive to have at least once in their life.
In the shop you will find their famous artisan breads, real deal layered croissants and delectable surprises each week. Using the croissant dough they create danishes filled with things like West side mango, homemade papaya jam from the back garden and vibrant dragon fruit. Only Hawaiian coffee is served in house, if you get there early enough in the morning you will be rewarded with a cup of their slow brew low acidity coffee, fresh warm bread and pastries.
Our Tasting Kauai team is very excited to have Midnight Bear as one of our tasting stops for our Hanapepe tour, book your tour to get to try some of the mouthwatering items described above here: 

. Whether you can join us on our tour or not this trip, be sure not to miss out on your way out to the West side of the island. Visit Midnight Bear’s website for shop hours and to learn more about what they do here: