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Tropical Dreaming on Kauai

Author: Tour Guide Sabrina Petrov

Tropical Dreams on Kauai

Welcome to Tropical Dreams, an establishment with a name that lives up to the experience! As soon as you enter you’re greeted by friendly faces and an expansive, colorful array of ice cream flavors. Good vibes only in here, and of course everyone gets extra feels when ice cream is involved. Located in the heart of Kapaa, next to Safeway, Tropical Dreams is known for its high quality and expansive array of unique ice cream flavors. This hidden gem of a shop has been in operation close to 8 years. Currently run by Erik, it is a family owned and operated local style spot with its own flavor and style.

Locally Sourced

Every week Erik picks up the freshly made to order ice cream from The Big Island for Tropical Dreams. The ice creams and sorbets are made with Hawaiian fruit and cane sugar, keeping the ingredients as island focused as possible! This super premium ice cream shop is the only one in state that boasts the Hawaii Agriculture Seal of Quality. In addition to decadent ice cream, Erik also prides himself in offering sorbets and other dairy-free, vegan options. You can also find locally made Ono pops here, our favorite farm to stick pops, so good!

The goods

Customers are allowed to taste test before they choose, so I of course took full advantage. I sampled the oreo cheesecake + graham crackers, the lilikoi cheesecake, and the chocolate peanut butter brownie. Lilikoi, often considered the sweetheart of fruits in Hawaii, won out. Lilikoi or passion fruit has a delicious tart and slightly acidic finish that makes it the perfect complement to any sweets, baked goods or cocktails.  This is a perfect stop for those of you with a discerning sweet tooth. Finish off your next nice, sunny beach day on the East Side here, you won’t regret it!
Let us know if you enjoy this spot as much as us! You can check out more about Tropical Dreams on their website: