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Monkeypod Jam Brings Taste of the Garden Isle to Oahu


Monkeypod Jam is made in Mauviel's classic hand-hammered copper pots. Daniel Lane photo

Monkeypod Jam is made in Mauviel’s classic hand-hammered copper pots. Daniel Lane photo

Monkeypod Jam brings a taste of Kauai to Oahu on Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4. Starting with an appearance on Channel 2 Sunrise Edition, Monkeypod Jam will help celebrate Foodland’s 65 years of business. R. Fields, Aina Haina will host Monkeypod Jam creator, Aletha Thomas for an afternoon jam tasting between four and six. The public is invited to sample Kauai’s local produce resulting in unique flavor blends such as Mountain Apple Pepper Jelly, Papaya Vanilla Jam, Tahitian Lime Curd, Spiced Tomato Jam, Caracara Ginger Marmalade and Banana Foster Jam.
On Saturday, May 4, Thomas will showcase Monkeypod’s fruit preserves at the Ala Moana William-Sonoma Artisan Market, which takes places the first Saturday of each month. Shoppers are encouraged to attend this monthly event to try products created by artisanal food crafters across the state of Hawaii. Monkeypod will share six different preserves, and each will be available for purchase at farmers market prices.
Both events will share company and product information along with listings of where to find Monkeypod Jam throughout Oahu. Select preserves are currently available for purchase through R. Fields Wine Company at Foodland Aina Haina, Ala Moana, Market City, Kapolei, Kailua and Beretania.