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Eat Healthy – Made Easy!

Author/Foodie Explorer: Sabrina Petrov
Welcome to Eat Healthy Cafe! Nestled  in Wailua, at the southern end of Kapaa, you can find many delectable places to eat, including the aptly named Eat Healthy Cafe. Owners John and PJ, partners who moved here from New York, took over ownership of Eat Healthy in December 2017. Running strong for almost a year now, this wonderful restaurant offers vegan comfort food! With a goal to be as welcoming and inviting as possible, the menu offers foods similar to the ones we all grew up with- but instead of scrambled eggs with bacon, you have tofu scramble with tempeh. Less the animals, but no less the flavor! Eat Healthy Cafe is living proof(no pun intended) that vegan food is not scary, but rather  quite delicious and beneficial for both you and the planet.

Outdoor Dining Delights

As you walk into the Cafe you’re greeted by a friendly face behind the counter who will bring you to the cozy al fresco seating area. Once you’re here, you’ll notice the tumbled glass ground- not to worry, the pieces cannot cut you! It is evident that great care was taken when decorating this space, and the adorable, hip atmosphere fully adds to the eating experience. Luckily for us, Eat Healthy has a beautifully varied menu. Serving breakfast until 3, an all day menu, and a dinner menu that begins at 5, anyone can find their perfect meal. I opted for the summer rolls with peanut sauce as my appetizer, and the tofu katsu curry with purple sweet potato salad as my entree. I was blown away by the quality and flavor of both of these dishes.

All Local Everything

Eat Healthy utilizes about 90% locally sourced produce in their food. For us here at Tasting Kauai, this is an impressive feat!  You can feel good about eating here because it benefits both the animals and the environment, all the while supporting sustainable agriculture in Hawaii. With a plant based menu you find Hawaii plant based dishes coming out of the kitchen all day long. You can find the cafe’s rainbow inspired menu, pictures and more on their website http:// and check them out on instagram @eathealthykauai.


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