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Aerial Views of Biotech Seed Crops on Kauai

1 West Side Run offTime is winding down. On July 31, the county council will hold a second public hearing on Bill 2491. Here are ten aerial pictures showing pesticide reach and land used for experimental GMO crops. I’ve also included a short video of the Waimea chemical report done by attorneys Kyle Smith and Gerard Jervis on July 13, 2013 at the Waimea Canyon Middle School. This 15-minute video provides evidence that the people of Waimea are being poisoned by chemical pesticides without their consent or knowledge.
2 West Side OceanAlso, Kaua’i residents are receiving phone calls for a poll from the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, whose members, according to their website include “include Dow AgroScience, Monsanto, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Syngenta and BASF.” The calls only ask you to record messages against Bill 2491 that are sent to county council members; even if you want to record a message in support of Bill 2491, the poller will give you words to say in opposition to the Bill.
3 West Side Land4 Kekaha Schools
5 Mahaulepu
6 Poipu Kauai
7 Kipu
8 Kukui Grove
9 Lihue KCC
10 Airport

If you haven’t given testimony, please email your concerns to Include your name, occupation and where you live on island. This information is helpful to the council.