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5 Travel Tips From Frequent Flyers to Help You With Your Trip to Kauai

Image credit: Pixabay

Tourists nowadays have access to scores of diverse resources, with each one—at least in theory— making travel just a bit easier and more convenient. Despite this embarrassing abundance of resources, however, the best recourse for travelers is still to do some serious research to find the right kind of information that will help them in their trips, especially to places like Hawaii. 
Here at Tasting Kauai, though, we always want to help out travelers like you, and that is why we are giving you a list of 5 travel tips for your trip to The Garden Isle. The best thing about these pointers is that they come from frequent flyers, which means each is tried and tested. So, let’s begin: 
Pack Like a Pro
Image credit: Pixabay
“People that travel often understand how to pack, whether it’s for business or pleasure.”
– Julie Danzinger, director of luxury travel services at Ovation Vacations 
Danzinger told Travel + Leisure that packing is crucial, and there are two keys to perfecting it. First is to know what you need for each day of your trip. The second key point is planning so that you have room to bring things home. Trust us when we tell you that you will be bringing home lots of Kauai souvenirs.
Plan for Everything

“Wipe down your entire seating area as soon as you sit down on the plane.”
– Deanne Revel, Roam contributor
You wouldn’t want to be sick while on your way to paradise, would you? So, make sure you mind your health before, during, and after your flight. One thing you can do is carry an antiseptic wipes says Revel in an interview with Travel Channel. This way, you can wipe clean your in-plane seating area and any public utility you use. Revel also advises travelers to carry packets of probiotics to boost their immune system. 
Check Your Airport Attitude

“You’ll really stick out if you smile and be polite in all of your interactions with airport and airline staff.”
– Zach Honig, editor in chief of miles travel site The Points Guy
The chances are you’ll spend lots of time in the airport and on the plane, so it is imperative that you make your interactions with everyone as positive as possible. This is especially true with airport and airline staff, with a great, upbeat attitude being the secret to getting special treatment in-flight explains Honig. To this end, you might also want to make eye contact with the flight attendants during their security demonstration. You might be the only one, but the chances are they will take notice of this and appreciate it, as trivial as it seems. 
Score Some Slip-Ons

“I recommend investing in a pair of easy-on-easy-off shoes that are fashionable and comfortable.”
– Christina Flores, flight attendant on Virgin America
This tip is all about comfort. For starters, you won’t get stuck in an airport line struggling to unlace high tops or release the buckles on your boots. Then there is the flight itself, which will be a lot more comfortable with easy-to-wear slip-ons. As an added bonus, you can even wear them when you explore Kauai.
Bring Noise-Cancelling Earphones

“You never know when you need to completely shut everything out.”
– Natalia Breviglieri of Team PartyPoker
Breviglieri admits to PartyPoker that she always brings noise cancelling earphones on her flights, and it is something you ought to do, too. Yes, they can be a bit pricey, but they are worth the investment because they will help you shut off from the world so you can get some rest. They are also a godsend if you are next to screaming children, or that passenger who likes to snore like a trooper. 
When on Kauai
Once you get here, all you have to do is enjoy the beautiful sights of Kauai! You can take a swim (Lydgate Beach, Hanalei Bay, and Poipu Beach are highly recommended), or go for a hike in Waimea Canyon or Kokee State Park and explore a bunch of breathtaking views including the world-famous Na Pali Coast. You can then heed Chef Sam Choy’s advice to our loyal readers to find where local people eat. This way, you will get to taste the very best of Kauai cuisine, including tako pokelomi salmonhaupia, and poi to name but a few. 
So, book that trip now and experience the paradise that is Kauai!